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Peter Cloud CFE

Peter is a Certified Fraud Examiner and is therefore bound by ACFE's strict code of professional conduct and ethics. ACFE is the worlds largest anti-fraud organisation and all CFE's are required to complete 'Continuing Professional Education' in order to maintain competence. Peter is also a Full Member of the World Association of Professional Investigators.

He has 26 years of Investigation experience. His training and background comes from 16 years spent with HM Customs & Excise concentrating on both major organised crime and tax evasion. He also spent 5 years as part of a team developing a new investigation service for the Mozambique government and has worked extensively overseas and in the anti-corruption field.

For the past 11 years as a Corporate Fraud Investigator, he has specialised in investigating Contract & Procurement Fraud, Bribery, Conflict of Interest and various other breaches by employees of their code of conduct. This work has been conducted on behalf of both small and large corporations in the UK and overseas. He has substantial experience of working together with HR departments, internal and external audit and lawyers. In addition he has substantial experience of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Anti-trust regulatory enquiries.

He has handled numerous Informants and Whistle Blowers and managed a Whistle Blowing department for a major corporation.

Peter has also spent considerable time designing and delivery fraud awareness and investigation skills training in the corporate arena.

In 2011/12 Peter gained certifications in "Bribery in International Business Transactions", "Fraud Prevention" and "Fraud Risk Assessment", "Fraud Risk Management", BTEC level 3 Security management systems for the supply chain. Practical Ethics and Ethical Issues for Fraud Examiner.

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
World Association of Professional Investigators

Tom Brain

Tom's training and background was also with the UK Customs & Excise with many years spent specialising in criminal investigations of prohibited and restricted goods and civil investigations of tax evasion. He also spent 7 years in the Shetlands working with the oil industry and was a Commander of a Customs Launch Vessel.

For the past 5 years he has been a consultant Corporate Fraud Investigator conducting investigations similar to those of described above for Peter again both in the UK and abroad. He has handled numerous whistle blowers and assisted in the delivery of Fraud Awareness and Investigation Skills training. Tom is expert in the analysis of forensically recovered data.

Tom is a Full Member of the Institute of Professional Investigators.

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