Services Provided

The Information Commissioner's Office
United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce

CYBER Due Diligence - Internet Intelligence

An enhanced view of your subject across the internet, social media and traditional sources.

CYBER Due Diligence (CDD) provides you with a modern and enhanced view of your subject. Using our specifically designed collection and analytics software. We assemble a comprehensive insight into your subject's business activities, inter-relations, assets, associates and media exposure.

We conduct powerful and lawful research that analyses information from open and publicly available sources on the internet.

The technology we employ seamlessly stitches together fragments of intelligence referencing your target to provide a consolidated viewpoint.

We use machine-learning techniques and other advanced tools, ensuring that it is simply not possible to match our work using public search engines and human operatives alone.

What can this be used for?

  • Track / Trace person X
  • Find an association between Person X and XX or Company Y
  • What other companies is Person X associated with ?
  • Does my subject have any association with Country Z ?
  • Does Person X have an internet footprint ?
  • Extensive & rapid retrieval of background information on a person or company
  • Level 1 Due Diligence
  • Threat assessments. How exposed are you online?
  • Monitor and analyse social networking sites for defamation about you, your company or your client
  • 24/7 Monitoring Platform-Watch the internet and receive real time alerts about the content of your interest

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