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Corporate Investigations

Corporate Fraud Investigations

The team of PC Investigations have years of experience investigating Corporate crime and working together with HR departments, Internal / External Auditors and Lawyers. We have conducted hundreds of investigations in both the public and private sectors including regulatory inquiries. We will gather all relevant evidence to criminal standards whether it is to be used for internal disciplinary procedures or for external reporting . All our investigations will be carried out in a confidential, tactful and courteous manner.

Can we carry out an investigation for your company?

We will only take on cases that we are competent to carry out. We will NOT take on cases that breach the strict code of conduct and ethics of ACFE, WAPI or IPI. We will NOT do anything that would involve our conduct breaking any laws.

Below are some examples of the type of investigations we have regularly carried out. This list is by no means exhaustive but does detail the most common types of fraud and breach of company policy that we discover.

We offer a free no-obligation consultation where we will require fairly detailed information in order to assess the next steps. Any information you provide will be in strict confidence regardless of whether we are instructed or not.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest

The most common breach of company policy. We regularly discover an employee:

  • Has close relationships with suppliers or contractors that he deals with.
  • Has undeclared interest / ownership in other companies.
  • Carries out other business activities during company time and using company resources.
  • Accept gifts in return for favourable treatment.

Contract & Procurement Fraud

Numerous types of C&P frauds exist at all phases of the contracting process. Most involve dishonest contractors often in collusion with an employee. Examples are:

  • Pre-Tender Phase - Collusion in determining needs and bid specification.
  • Tendering and Negotiation Phase - Premature opening of bids, altering bids, extension of bid opening dates, falsifying bid records, bid rigging, bid suppression, phantom bids, bid rotation, complimentary bids, defective pricing.
  • Performance Stage - Product substitution, accounting, material and labour mischarges.

Misuse, misappropriation or theft of resources / assets

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Bribery & Facilitation Payments

Either the corruption of a public official or commercial bribery to gain a commercial or business advantage.

Anti-trust and other regulatory investigations

Theft of trade secrets

Numerous examples such as client lists, formulas, survey methods, recipes, a new invention for which a patent application has not yet been filed, marketing strategies, manufacturing techniques and computer algorithms.