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Computer Forensics

PC Investigation's primary focus is to provide fast, accurate and cost-effective collection of 'evidence' from all available sources.

Computer forensics (sometimes referred to as Digital Forensics) is the science of discovering legal evidence from computers and digital storage mediums. The Forensic collection of a data source is usually termed 'imaging'.

What a user can actually see on their computer screen is only a small part of the information contained on their machine. If being able to view deleted or encrypted data, Internet history, Internet chat etc is important to your case, then taking a forensic image will give you the best chance of recovering this data.

We are able to capture, secure and analyse electronic data from all types of media including PC's laptops, mobile phones and networks.

We comply with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines.

Using the latest and most widely recognised forensic tools our analysis and findings are suitable for presentation in a corporate boardroom, tribunal or courtroom.